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With a minimum Cheap Youth Thomas Braves Jerseys of 82 games and Cheap Reimold Game Jerseys nine months spent getting checked into the boards and muscling past opponents for a shot on goal, the players of the National Hockey League nike jersey sizing have one of the most grueling schedules in sports. In addition to those rigors, the games are getting faster and the players bigger and stronger. Enter nutritional science as Cheap rgiii jersey cheap Cheap Kids Morin Authentic Jerseys LaFromboise Kids Jerseys an important tool for those players looking for an edge.

An official list of general food guidelines or a nutritional protocol would be nice, but that doesn't exist for a player in the NHL.

Neither the league office nor the NHL Players' Association Cheap Womens Maness nfl jerseys usa Limited Jerseys offers any seminars on the topic, Cheap Game Blanks Nike Jerseys either. So teams and individuals, constantly looking for a competitive edge, are becoming big believers in the value of proper nutrients to maximize their performances over the long haul.

is so much on the line these days; you have a lot of people out there trying to take your job, so it behooves you to be in the best shape you can and what you consume is key, said Los Angeles Kings center Colin Fraser.

There is a lot of information available, some of it misleading, so a growing legion of experienced nutritionists and fitness trainers are there to help the players figure it out.

used to be the players Cheap Elite Rojas Youth Jerseys saw me coming and they run the other way," said Chicago Blackhawks nutritionist Julie Burns. "Now both the young and seasoned alike are really into it because they not only see the results of their commitment to better nutrition from a more energized performance on Cheap Limited Freese Kids Jerseys the ice, but they tell me they simply feel better overall.

Burns philosophical guide for assembling player meals is being "holistic as nature intended."

Farm raised eggs, grass fed cattle products, organic fruits and vegetables, sweet potatoes, gluten free options, chicken, rice and fresh fish are at the core of her menus. And those menus go on the road with the players as well.

Putting it Together

Working with caterers, hotels and her own SportFuel consulting Cheap Kids Cole Limited Jerseys company, where she developed the Eat Like The Pros organic meal delivery service, Cheap Game Martin Pirates Jerseys Burns Cheap Mejia Limited Jerseys devises nutritional programs for pro players in Cheap Coghlan Authentic Jerseys baseball, football, basketball and hockey. She has Blackhawk replica baseball jersey player meals prepared for their airline travel, home practices and games.

She also works with hotel Cheap Athletics Barton Elite Jerseys chains like the Four Seasons and the Ritz Carlton to Cheap Kids Quintero Mariners Jerseys make sure they stick to the plan, or at least have Cheap Limited Glenn Blue Jays Cheap Kids Pedroia Elite Jerseys Jerseys the option to. Chicago Blackhawks head trainer Mike Gapski helps oversee the program.

Being on the road can lead to culinary temptations at the occasional greasy spoon, and while it does base ball jerseys happen, hockey fitness veteran Mike Potenza says he is noticing a new trend among players.

can Cheap Authentic Cingrani Youth Jerseys be in a different city with a different style of eating from one night to the next, or on a plane, train or bus, but the truth is nutrition is a significant factor in that it is with you all the time, Cheap Game Bartlett Womens Jerseys wherever you go," said Potenza, the San Jose Sharks' strength and conditioning coordinator, who now has players regularly coming to him with restaurant menus so he can tell them their healthiest options. "If you are demanding high performance out of Cheap Game Rivero Red Sox Jerseys your body, you need to fuel it properly.

And there are more elements than food consumption at play.

Given the amount of water loss while playing hockey, replenishing electrolytes is key for players like Kings goalie Jonathan Quick.

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At the start of the season, all players get a physical with blood tests that someone like Chicago Burns examines for vitamin and mineral click now levels and to see how refinements redskins jersey cheap can be made in the individual nutritional patterns. That might include a doctor consult if further tests are needed.

While there are varied body types and individual chemical makeups, one thing all hockey players share is that they sweat . a lot.

average hockey player loses 4 to 7 pounds of body weight per practice, and with 23 pounds of equipment that becomes heavier from all that moisture, balancing the electrolyte level is really important to avoid cramping and cheap wholesale websites pulled muscles, Potenza said.

are more factors involved that someone wouldn normally think of," he said. "For example, when and what time of year we play with the temperature of the building. If the arena gets warmer, the ice gets softer, so that adds wear and tear to the hips, groin and back. So I have to Cheap Mariners Saunders Authentic Cheap Youth Zimmermann Nike Jerseys Jerseys also look at environmental factors in keeping players hydrated.

In addition to injury prevention and performance, another factor where nutrition plays a significant role is in the recovery/healing phase, getting the body ready for the next game.

To that end, some teams provide a drink consisting www.stewartfarms.net/list/ of specially balanced carbs and proteins using coconut water.

The cumulative effect of the increased emphasis on better nutrition cuts down on Cheap Womens Webster Limited Jerseys the loss of minerals, Burns said, referring to minerals as the Cheap Womens Zimmerman Authentic Jerseys sparkplugs of the cell in creating energy.

nutrition could lead to gastrointestinal Cheap Kids Detwiler Elite Jerseys problems and stress," Burns said. "And when young athletes have heart attacks, it usually is connected to a nutritional deficiency like lack of selenium. And more and more of them have decided.

are free to eat Cheap Womens Wright Limited Jerseys what we want, but red wings jerseys cheap players talk among themselves and we also learn from our staff that eating right is one way not to lose a competitive edge, and that is something that gets every player attention," Fraser said.

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